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2006 Memorial Donations



In Memory of John W. Anderson

              Thomas A. Guerrasio


In Memory of Bill Blair

Rector Phillips-Morse Inc.


In Memory of Clinton Bumcrot

              Julie Norton


In Memory of Cornelius Callahan

              David A. Doheny


In Memory of Therese Ann Flanagan

Mary Frances Amidon

Thomas A. and Mary C. Anderson

Michelle Kennedy Bies

Angela (Angie) and Dick Cook

Bernadette C. Drobot

Jim Dutcher

Daniel and Shirley Frank

Hans And Arleen Jacobsson

George and Violet Kalangian

Gregory and Denise Landis

Daniel and Karen Larabell

Sharon and Larry W. Mazey

Kathleen Merchak

Ronald F. Miller

Patricia M. Mullett

Anupa Patel

Julie Pendell

R. Kirk and Francine Seleski (Kirk and Fran)

Elsie Siebert

Dean Soderberg

John Stimm

Warren A. and Betty L. Stoddard


In Memory of Mark R. Geddes

Frances Geddes


In Memory of Dottie Gleeson

Reilly Industries

In Memory of Ben E. Harris  

Robert & Lois Austin

Velma Bake

Ron & Ardis Bauer

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Beeman

Loren & Dorothy Burkhart

Ray & Jean Dewell

Cheryl Dixon

Douglas & Janet Drennan

Lori Fitch

S. Fletcher

Verna & Charles Harris

D D Heuszel

Margaret B. Hughes

Jackson & Mary Hummingbird

Larry & Renee Hoover

Larry & Maurice Hoover

James & Imogene Leach

Mr. & Mrs. B. W. Lewis

Bernadine McClain

Danny & Judy Mitchell

Bill & Billie Nelson

Judy Noel

Roland & Shirley Schmidt

John & Denise Showman

Diana Wenzel

Conrady Western

Glayda Wilcoxen

Ben & Jean Wineinger

Nolan & Betty Wineinger


In Memory of John R. Hill Sr.

              Megan Hill (grand-daughter)

Virginia M. Hill (daughter)


In Memory of Buford Kash

Art and Gail Kash


In Memory of Henry Kelly

Jennifer Kelly



In Memory of Gary Metz

Ruth Adams

Ginger Mosher


In Memory of Robert McCullough

              Abraham T. Catter


In Memory of Philip C. Moran

Mrs. Maureen Caswell

Robert Kubert


In Memory of William Maywalt

              Mr. and Mrs. Eckert


In Memory of Carlos Perez

Joanne Friar

Benedict J. Harrison


In Memory of W. David Regan

Learning Accommodations Center

Susan F. Cunningham


In Memory of Bruce Reid

Sharon A. Gallagher

Dennis & Pat Green

Carol J. Kirchner

Patricia Reid

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vollaire


Columbus McKinnon Corporation

Langeland Family Funeral Homes

Manifold Services, Inc

United Kennel Club


In Memory of James Riley

Mary Ann Hoffman

Lauren Kingman


In Memory of Gerald Rogers

Christina Brown

Cheryl L. Casey

Robert J. Demaria

Susan Galvin

Virginia Rogers




In Memory of Tom Sawyer

Nancy A. Neuwirth


In Memory of George V. Styer

              Lois A. Stober

              Mr. & Mrs. Cameron


In Memory of Jack Vierheilig


              Susan Ahern   

Beth M. Bachhuber

Ms. Kristy Badder

Virginia Barnard

Lance and Jamie Beam

Jeffry and Tamara Bolstad

Vita and Marvin Broeke

Warren and Rose Christiansen

Quentin & Lois Edson

Christie Froehling

Brenda and Joseph Graziano

Gayle A. Hinze

Bill And Ruth Hughey

Floyd and Kathleen Jetland

Karen A. Johnston

Mary C. Holleran Miller

Donna Natalie

Annette H. Oberg

Richard J. Pikosz

Jeanine and James Sardina

Bernadette T. Schwanemann

Joseph Sparks

Marian H Tomlinson

Theodore and Virginia Trulson

              William & Phyllis Valentine

Henry and Barbara Vandermause

Robert and Elizabeth Uger








                                        Updated December 31, 2006